Border Jumper Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

The Knights of the BJ Table

In no particular order the following hashers below have successfully completed all tasks necessary to earn their one and only “Border Jumper Goblet”. Each Goblet was hand crafted by our Goblet Smith, Teacher, and was presented to them at circle as they recited the “Goblet Oath” and entered BJ infamy.
They are now members of the order known as “The Gobleteers”

Text Box: Bermuda Breast Angle
Text Box: The BJ Goblet oath
I drunkenly swear by the goblet and all it's might
To uphold the BJ traditions every drinking night
Lewdness, debauchery, and drunken disorder 
Down downs and hash songs across all borders
May my sexual encounters be many
May they cost not a penny 
I do so swear this to hashers near and far
Border Jumpers, that's who we are!!

Eager Beat Her