Grand Master (GM)
Everyone knows the GM does nothing, some of the things that the GM doesn’t do:

· The GM is the voice and face of the Hash

· Attends Border Jumper hashes regularly

· Promotes our kennel by attending out of town big events

· Ensures that visitors are attended to and feel welcomed by hooking them up with a ride to the hash if needed or even finding

 or providing crash space

· Calls for and runs mismanagement meetings, makes final decisions in case of a tie

· Is knowledgeable of the kennel’s traditions as well as general hashing traditions and steers the hash toward those traditions whenever it runs astray

· Oversees special events

· Ensures that other committee members fulfill responsibilities, and fills in when needed

· Supports and encourages all factions of the hash including racist events

· This person should be an experienced hasher with previous mismanagement experience, organizational skills helpful

· Is generally accessible

· Is our PoPo (police) representative


Hash Whip

· Encourages a prompt start time and keeps the hash moving throughout the evening

· Leads circle at end of each hash

· Responsible for providing good (or at least interesting) weather

· This person should be an experienced and knowledgeable hasher

· A loud and clear voice is a must and a sense of humor helps


· Is responsible over the Hash Book that hashers sign into at Point A or when they arrive to the hash

· Keeps track of each hasher’s run count and bestows hashers at circle with run patches they have earned

· Maintains the balance of the hash cash on hand and in total throughout the hash

Assists the Hash Whip at circle for any special Down-Downs that must be recognized


· The Haberdasher will be proactive and smart about obtaining misc. hash items (T-shirts, headbands, 100 Run patches, whistles, etc.)

· Researches and presents to Mismanagement ideas and options for Haberdashery purchases

· Provides pictures of individual haberdashery items to Webmeister

· Maintains an inventory of current haberdashery items.  Submits up-to-date list to Webmeister/On-Sec

· Sells haberdashery at local and out-of-town hashes and events

· Keeps a small amount of Hash Cash for making change

Song Meister

· Is able to bellow a hash song on demand that best fits the situation at hand or that can be thought of at that moment

· Is well versed in many hash songs

· Constantly seeks new hash songs to introduce and teach to the hash at circle

Hare Raiser

· Solicit volunteer hares for upcoming hashes

· Explains expectations and responsibilities to new hares

· Educates new hares and reminds veteran hares of BJ traditions.

· Impress upon the hares how important it is to have beer at the beer check and start trail on time.

· Encourages new hares to solicit a variety of veteran hares to co-hare with them to teach them the ropes

· Collect details (meet time, directions, theme, etc.) about upcoming hashes

· Pass point A information to the Webmeister so it can be posted online ASAP

· Inform Beermeister whether or not beer should be brought for circle.

· Should be an experienced (and good!) lay’er

Web Meister

· Updates and maintains the web page

· Works in conjunction with other Mismanagement members to collect information

· Maintains domain name(s)

· Maintains hosting account

· Requires working knowledge of HTML

Beer Meister

· Beermeister is the most important and most thankless position in the Hash

· Beermeisters bring cost effective beer to hashes

· Maintains inventory (cans or kegs) of hash beer

· Provide cups, trash bags, water, and snacks at each hash

Border Jumper Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

2014-2015 Mismanagement



Evaporated MILF


Grand Master


Hash Whip

Songmeister & Hare Raiser

On-Sec/Web Meister

Hash Treasurer

Tranny Hooker

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