Border Jumper Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

Humble Beginnings


For those of you interested in learning how the Border jumper hash was created,
please read on.

On August 13th, 2004, Strawberry Shortdick and Butt Darts were sitting in the truck after a Black Lingerie Hash waiting for the rain to stop.  They discussed how if they could change things what would they do different.  They decided to create a hash where we would run shorter trails and have longer circles. Someone said "drink till the beer runs out" and that became the philosophy behind our circles.  They also discussed how they liked hashing during the week and picked Wednesday as a good midweek hash.  It was decided that they would create a hash and hash every Saturday and Wednesday.  Even though it was pouring outside, it does not rain often in El Paso and some marks do not get erased they also decided that some marks for trail should be changed and that is how we got our Checking made without a circle and our harrow is only crossed with two lines.  It also prevented problems if anyone ever crossed with El Paso H3's marks. 

Now came the important part, naming of the hash.  It was decided that the hash should be named after something unique to El Paso.  The name Border Jumper comes from the Border Jumper Trolley  which will often make trips between our sister city Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  This also gave us our unique mark that you will not find anywhere else in the world, THE BORDER JUMPER.  They decided that on every trail, the hash would have to jump some sort of border.  Not a state, county, or even country border, but any sort of border like a fence, or boundary markers that we have to go over or under.  In Honor of our namesake, we yell "Border Jumper" anytime we cross a border.  It is now 9 years later, and though the hashers have come and gone, our philosophy has remained the same.  We still hash weekly and still honor the philosophy of "shorter trails, longer circles and drink till the beer runs out". 

Thank you for taking the time to read this