Border Jumper Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

The One & Only BJ Goblet




































Below you will find the list of drinking criteria, dress wearing, and hash prerequisites in order to receive your legendary BJ Goblet. These must all be completed before you can receive your goblet. It does not matter in which order you accomplish them. Dress runs can be “made up” during any BJ Hash. Come wearing your dress and the “Make Up” will begin.

*** Only one criteria may be done PER HASH, no matter how many BJ hashes there are that week.

*** WARNING! Drinking events should be done with extreme caution and preparation.
                                  BRING a DD.


1. 25 Runs with the BJH3

2. Hare 5 BJ Trails

3. Bring a virgin - even if they only show up just one time

4. Never Ending Flabongo - Drink from the Flabongo as we pour beer after beer while singing you long songs, or short ones. Your drinking will determine that. You must drink the beer and swallow it so it reaches your stomach. Vomiting is expected, however forcing yourself to vomit before finishing your beer is extremely frowned upon.

5. Mexican Maracas of Madness - Bring two 40 ounce “OLD ENGLISHbeers to the hash and during circle they will be taped to your hands. They do not come off until they’re both empty. All the beer must be drank by you and NO ONE else. Also to correctly perform this criteria you must be wearing the proper apparel. The picture below shows what’s proper: Sombrero, luche libre mask, and a sarape. Apparel provided by hash at circle, call ahead to ensure it’s appearance for you.

6. Red Dress Run
($5 for Patch)

7. Green Dress Run
($5 for Patch)

8. Black Lingerie Run
($5 for Patch)

9. Receive The
Hashit & Added
To it

10. Recite the Goblet
Oath before the
awarding of your goblet